Benefits Enrollment


Your legal spouse and children are eligible for coverage.

You may cover “eligible dependents” under some benefits. However, only those dependents you enroll will have coverage. The term dependent includes a spouse or children who meet the following criteria:


Your legal spouse, a person who is a legal spouse of the same or opposite sex.

For this purpose, “spouse” does not include common-law spouse or your spouse if you are legally separated or divorced.


Your natural child, stepchild, legally adopted child, a child placed with you for adoption; or a child for whom you are obligated to provide medical care under a court decree. The child must also be:

  • Under age 26;
  • Or age 26 or older, unmarried, who is deemed incapable of financial self-support due to physical or mental incapacity before age 19. Must be approved by the plan administrator.

What if Things Change?

Each year, during open enrollment you can change the dependents you want to cover, as well as your benefit choices. You also can change your choices during the year if you have an eligible life event, such as a marriage, birth, or adoption. You will have 30 days after a life event to update your profile in Workday. Otherwise, you can change your benefits and update your dependents only during the next annual enrollment period.

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