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Ignite your learning journey with resources and opportunities to guide you in your career development.

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Continuing development is crucial for individual and organizational success. It keeps our team members skilled, adaptable and engaged. That leads to all kinds of good things – increased productivity, innovation, and talent retention to name a few. It also gives us a competitive edge, ensures compliance and enhances customer satisfaction. Please note that training and learning resources are available to current employees only.

Our Competency Model guides our approach to career development at GFS—how each individual can reach their fullest potential in the organization. This model also guides many processes at GFS including hiring, training, evaluation, developing and promoting, and serves as a guide to all team members as they seek to grow in their current roles or develop toward future opportunities.

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Development helps people grow as individuals, feel energized and engaged, and helps us keep our edge in the industry. To support your growth, GFS offers enhanced learning and development opportunities wherever you are in your career.

We believe in the power of learning. Our programs offer valuable personal and professional growth opportunities, helping our employees stay ahead. Discover how our learning initiatives can empower you on your journey to success.

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 “The Seed” is a self-guided career development planner. Investing in your career development can help you achieve your professional and personal goals, build a successful and fulfilling career, and live a more satisfying life. Using the career development tool at The Seed will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to advance in your career, take on new challenges, and achieve your professional goals.

You can obtain self-paced eLearning through Workday’s learning management system. This eLearning can help you assess your skills and find opportunities for growth and improvement, ultimately contributing to your professional development. It’s a flexible and self-directed approach to learning that allows you to take control of your own development. 

The Gordon Food Service leadership program is a multi-phase program that takes participants through a series of learning experiences designed to build their leadership skills and prepare them for future opportunities within the organization. 

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